Katate ryotedori jiuywaza with Sergei Montonen 20th of June 2021
Aikido studies starts with ikkyo. Like all the other aikido movements it starts by learning the technique. Later on the aikido is not anymore dependent on technique and ikkyo can develop into somethings else. Ikkyo is the first movement that give us possibilty to detach from the technical level and move into total freedom without any ties.






Keskustelu Leo Suvensalmen kanssa aikidosta kesäkuussa 2019.


Keskustelu Kristoffer Lawsonin kanssa aikidosta kesäkuussa 2019.



This video was made together with Erkko Manninen 3. dan in the summer of 2017. During that summer I had developed the concept of wind aikido. I also wrote a blog about that, which can be found on this same page.

Later that year I found out that what I have been trying understand with the concept of wind is actually the same as aiki.