Aikido Ryushinkan arranges martial arts day on 27th of November from 10am to 17pm.

Event by Kristoffer Lawson, Tom Granström and 3 others in Kievarintie 14, FI-05200 Rajamäki. It’s been a long Covid winter, and finally some of the restrictions have been removed. We would like to invite you all to a physical meetup of martial minds at our humble location in Rajamäki. It will be a full day of different arts and artists, sharing ideas and practises. This is definitely not something to miss. All level of practitioners, from all kinds of arts are welcome.Practise will start at 10am. We will have shorter breaks throughout the day, and one longer one. After the day it will be possible to go out for dinner with many great people.So far we know these great artists will be there, leading practise:

  • Raimo Lappalainen, 5th Dan Black Belt Kase Ha Karate
  • Markku Mutanen, Black Belt BJJ
  • Tom Granström, 6th Dan Black Belt Aikido (Aikikai)
  • Heikki Naski, Mixed Arts
  • Juri Ahokas, 2nd Dan Black Belt Aikido (Ki-Aikido)
  • Pertti Lehväslaiho, 6th Dan Black Belt Aikido (Aikikai)